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Monday, July 5, 2010

Over 3 Million People Expected to Apply for Social Security Disability in 2010

CBS News reported that Social Security is expecting over 3.3 million people to apply for Social Security Disability in 2010. That is an increase of 300,000 over last year, and 700,000 over 2008.

In addition to describing the application process, the article also discusses the lengthy waiting times people have to get benefits. On average around the country, a person will wait 777 days from the day they apply to when they are finally approved. Since that is an average, it means many applicants wait much longer.

Comment: A combination of factors is impacting this rise. Baby boomers are reaching middle age. The bulk of people applying for disability benefits are in their 50's. The poor economy is also at work, forcing those who were barely able to hold a job or who were getting accommodations from employers out of the workforce. Without any place to get a job, many are applying for disability benefits through Social Security and private or group disability insurance policies.

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