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Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Treatment Options for Multiple Sclerosis

For those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, more and more options for treatment keep getting introduced to the medical profession. The National M.S. Society magazine, Momentum, included a feature story in its Spring 2011 issue titled "A New Era: New Drugs, New Options, New Risk" that I would encourage anyone suffering from MS or who has a family member of friend with MS to read.

As an attorney representing people trying to get disability benefits, I see some of the devastating effects of MS. Multiple Sclerosis hits people in many different ways, but a horrible part of the disease is the fact that disability insurance companies and Social Security Disability often do not believe a person's symptoms are that bad. This is particularly true where someone with MS does not "look disabled," but the impact of the disease creeps up on them every day as they get more fatigued, develop blurry vision, have increasing difficulty holding things, or simply cannot concentrate on simple tasks.

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