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Friday, June 18, 2010

How long does it take to get Social Security Disability benefits after a hearing?

After waiting many, many months for a hearing, most claimants are disappointed to hear that it can take several months after the hearing to received their benefits.

In Florida, most judges take between 1-3 months to issue their written decision. If it is a favorable decision, the case is then sent to the payment processing center, where it can take another 1-3 months for benefits to be issued. Sometimes, Social Security will begin issuing monthly benefits but is not able to release the back payments for several more months while they investigate if the claimant received any Supplemental Security Income benefits. If you have a claim for Supplemental Security Income benefits, you will have to call or go to your local Social Security office for an appointment before your benefits can be released.

While there are no rules requiring that Social Security release your benefit within a certain amount of time, if you have not received your benefits 60 days after your hearing, you should call your local Social Security office or your disability lawyer for assistance.

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