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Sunday, May 23, 2010

How Can My Doctor Help My Disability Claim?

It is important for your doctor to realize that in Social Security disability and disability insurance claims, it is not enough to simply state that you are "unable to work." Your doctor can do the following to help your claim:
  • Keep thorough, easy-to-read records
  • Document all of your complaints
  • List all of your side effects from treatment and medication, such as drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, inability to engage in complex tasks that require attention, headaches, nausea, etc.
  • In addition to listing your conditions, your doctor should note your restrictions and limitations. This can include, for example, an opinion about how long you can sit, stand, and walk, how much weight you can lift, if you can use your hands and fingers, how long you can concentrate, and how many times you would be expected to be absent from work in a month. Your doctor can even fill out the form found here.
  • List any non-exertional impairments. Non-exertional impairments are any limitations and restrictions that are not part of the strength demands of a job (sitting, standing, walking, lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling). They include such as problems with hearing, vision, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, concentration, incontinence, frequent urination, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, cognitive disorders, or need to take frequent breaks.
By keeping excellent records of all of your conditions, symptoms, and limitations, your doctor will place him or herself in a position to offer an accurate and credible assessment of your disability for the Social Security Administration and disability insurance company.

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