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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Social Security's Florida Hearing Offices (ODARs) Continue to Experience Severe Wait Times for Hearings

How long will you wait for a hearing in your Social Security Disability or SSI claim in Florida? Statistics released by the Social Security Administration on April 29, 2011 show that you can still expect at least a year waiting time at most of its Offices of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR).

Out of 157 ODARs in the United States, Florida's hearing offices had waiting times ranging from 334 days to 414 days to get a hearing after a Request for Hearing is filed. How long you will wait depends on where you live. Here are the waiting times and the national rank of each of Florida's ODARs:

Orlando - 63rd out of 157 ODARs - 334 days
Tampa - 75th out of 157 ODARs - 343 days
Ft. Lauderdale - 93rd out of 157 ODARs - 368 days
Tallahassee - 114th out of 157 ODARs- 395 days
Ft. Myers - 119th out of 157 ODARs- 400 days
St. Petersburg - 119th out of 157 ODARs - 400 days
Miami - 127th out of 157 ODARs - 414 days

Social Security's statistics show you will do better with an an attorney representing you at a hearing. I strongly recommend that you call a Florida Social Security Disability attorney tLinko help you with your claim.

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