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Monday, May 30, 2011

MEMORIAL DAY - Honoring Our Veterans

On Memorial Day, this last Monday in May, we reflect on the men and women that gave their life in service to our nation. On behalf of all of us at The Disability Law Firm, Tucker & Ludin, I offer our humble thanks for the sacrifice they gave, as well as that of their families. We join in VA Secretary Eric Shinseki's message of respect and appreciation for these brave souls and the commitment they had to our nation in laying down their lives for our freedom and ideals.

John Tucker

The following message was published by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs:


(May 30, 2011) Today, we pay homage to those who placed themselves on the Altar of Freedom for love of country. Memorial Day is a time for remembrance, reflection, and respect-for honoring the men and women who gave their lives in service to the Nation.

On the last Monday of May each year, we observe moments of silence and moments of tribute to acknowledge the sacrifices by these brave few for principles greater than self. In answering their calls to duty-at Tarawa and Normandy, Seoul and Chosin, the Ia Drang and Khe Sanh, and at Baghdad and Mosul, the Shahe' Kot, Korengal, and Marja, or any of a host of other crossroads of conflict-these American men and women stood their ground, held back the dark forces of oppression and destruction, and advanced our founding principles, ideals, beliefs, and values about the right of self-determination. They cherished liberty and loved freedom enough to lay down their lives to preserve our way of life.

Many lie in final rest in our national cemeteries. Whether at Gettysburg, one of our country's first national cemeteries, or at Washington Crossing, our most recent dedication, each VA national cemetery is a sacred place of honor befitting the great deeds and sacrifices of the Fallen.

More than 3.7 million Americans-Veterans of every war and conflict, from our Revolution to the Global War on Terror-have been laid to rest in these hallowed shrines. The quiet serenity, pristine nature, and strict adherence to time-honored Service traditions make our cemeteries the healing places where families and friends can remember and honor those who gave, in President Lincoln's words, "the last full measure of devotion."

This Memorial Day, a Nation at war prays for peace and the safe return of our sons and daughters, even as it exacts justice from those who trampled our most cherished principles. Now, as then, in addition to our prayers for peace, we pray for the families of the Fallen. And we
pray for the Almighty's continued blessings on this great and wonderful country of ours.

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