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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Disabled Veterans Can Get Up to a Total Property Tax Exemption on Homestead Property in Florida

If a Veteran is disabled at least 10% by service connected misfortune, they may be entitled to a $5,000 exemption on any property owned by the ex-service member.

A 100% disabled Veteran can receive a total property tax exemption.

An honorably discharged veteran with service connected total and permanent disability may qualify for total exemption of homesteaded real estate used and owned as a homestead, less any portion used for commercial purposes. An existing exemption can be transferred to a new qualifying residence. Under certain circumstances the benefit of this exemption can carry over to the surviving spouse. If filing for the first time, the Veteran should bring proof of your service connected disability: such as, a letter from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

For more information and directions on how to apply for these homestead exemptions, visit the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs website.

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That's a good news from our government, who prove to make efforts for our heros.

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