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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease Added to Social Security Disability's List of Compassionate Allowances Initiative

In a move that will help those with early-onset Alzheimer's, the Social Security Administration has added the condition to its list of covered illnesses that may qualify for its Compassionate Allowances. In addition to early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, mixed-dementia and Primary Progressive Aphasia were also added to the Compassionate Allowances Initiative.

Compassionate allowances are a sort of fast track system developed by Social Security to target disabling conditions that likely will be approved for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. According to the Social Security website, "Compassionate allowances are a way of quickly identifying diseases and other medical conditions that invariably qualify under the Listing of Impairments based on minimal objective medical information. Compassionate allowances allow Social Security to quickly target the most obviously disabled individuals for allowances based on objective medical information that we can obtain quickly."

Harry Johns, the President of the Alzheimer's Association applauded the move in a statement shortly after the Social Security Administration's announcement. “As the leading research, advocacy, and support organization for Alzheimer’s disease, the Alzheimer’s Association has actively sought the inclusion of early-onset Alzheimer’s in the Social Security Administration’s Compassionate Allowances Initiative,” says Mr. Johns. “Now, individuals who are dealing with the enormous challenges of Alzheimer’s won’t also have to endure the financial and emotional toll of a long disability decision process.”

In my law practice representing disabled individuals, I have witnesses the tremendous difficulty that people with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia conditions cause. Hopefully, fast tracking these claims will help relieve the stress of applying for Social Security Disability for claimants and their families.

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