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Monday, July 19, 2010

New VA Regulations Regarding PTSD and Disability - Some Media Interviews and Commentary

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has made it easier for Veterans to make a claim for disability based on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ('PTSD'). In the coming weeks, I will discuss the changes, but here are a few links to internet sources discussing the amended PTSD regulations. As always, you should read the regulation itself to know exactly what the law is, but these links offer an introduction into what VA recently changed when it amended its regulations regarding PTSD claims.

Charlotte Observer
Huntington News Network
PRN Newswire
San Diego Radio Station KBPS (audio and transcript of good interview)

: Again, read these stories as an introduction and summary to the new PTSD regulations. One of the biggest problems in making a claim for VA compensation based upon a disability that came from PTSD has been connecting the Veteran's PTSD to their time in service. The new VA regulations appear to make this easier. Look for more comment on the new PTSD regs in the coming weeks here on Tucker's Disability Benefits Blog.

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