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Monday, January 26, 2009

Nearly Half of All Bankruptcies Are Due to a Disabling Medical Condition

Did you know that a 2005 study by Harvard University showed that nearly half of all bankruptcies are due to a disabling medical condition?

The statistics are very scary. It has been estimated that every 2 seconds, someone in the United States experiences a disabling injury. What may surprise you is that nearly two-thirds of those disabling injuries happened OFF the job according to Injury Facts, 2004 Ed., published by the National Safety Council.

Having disability insurance is crucial. This is particularly true when a bad economy hits and it is hard to find a new job after an injury. Protect yourself by getting disability insurance before you become disabled.

If you have been injured or gotten sick and you are unable to work, consider hiring an attorney to help you get your disability benefits before you are denied. We have had considerable success in getting benefits paid for our clients before they were ever denied, and it has saved many people thousands of dollars in legal fees because we were able to head off the denial that was expected from the insurance company.

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