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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DISABILITY TIP OF THE WEEK: Unemployment Payments

If you file for unemployment when you leave your job due to a disability, you damage your chances of receiving Long Term Disability benefits from your insurance company and from the Social Security Administration. When you file for unemployment, you are certifying that you are capable of working. This, obviously, undermines your credibility because if you certify that you are capable of working, your insurance company and the Social Security Administration will think that you are, in fact, capable of working.

If you receive unemployment benefits and you file for Social Security Disability ("SSD"), your SSD benefits may be reduced by the amount you received for unemployment.

REMEMBER: Even though it is tempting to apply for unemployment in order to have income while you are waiting for your disability benefits, this could ruin your claims for those disability benefits. If you have filed for unemployment, make sure you let your attorney know.

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